About us

Evergreen Garden Centre in Szombathelyen and in Sopron expects people who like ornamental plants.
Choose any ornamental plant you wish in your garden or balkony.

Our garden Centre and Nursery in Szombathely started as a family business.
Our hobby was gardening and this became a genuine passion throughout the years. Our team expanded with nice and professional colleagues, who are keen on ornamental plants equally, consider the fame of gardening and customers’ needs important.

Our Garden Centre deals with retailing and wholesaling of evergreens, mediterranean plants, ornamental trees, ornamental shrubs, fruit trees, balkony plants and herbs in Szombathely and in Sopron.
Along with the two garden centres our nursery is developing rapidly, we grow evergreens, solitaire ornamental trees, and ornamental shrubs on a more than 10 acre territory.

Apart from grow your own plants we provide a wide variety of importing plants, meditarranean exotica, fruit graftings, berry fruits, perennials, seasonal plantsrock garden plants, indoor plants, gardening accessories, ceramic pots, flower holders, balkony boxes, pots, stone pots, stones, soils, mulches in the Garden Centres in Szombathely and Sopron .

Besides customers we are at service of wholesale parners, garden designers and retailers, too.

Our colleagues

Garden Centre Szombathely

András Kovács - Manager-horticulturist  
András Kovács

My parents' hobby was gardening, therefore, in my adolescence, I became an active member of our family business. It has developed throughout the years, not only the territory but also the team have expanded. My aim is to make the Garden Centre in Szombathely and Sopron two of the most beautiful and meticulous garden centres in Western-Hungary.

Our motto is: 'Meticulous environment, evergreen plant'

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  • Fax: +36-94/322-631
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Henrietta Horváthné Kocsis - Logistic manager-assitant  
Henrietta Horváthné Kocsis

I carry out the administrative- marketing- PR- logistic- and international trade tasks of our two gardening -retailer and wholesaler companies and nursery in the centre in Szombathely. I like the world of computers and modern technique from childhood on, in addition, I like diversity. Here I can find both, so I feel lucky. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need pricelist or stocklist, if you are interested in any of our products or even if you would like to place an order, also in German.

  • Mobile: +36-70/419-4076
  • Telefon: +36-94/322-631
  • Fax: +36-94/322-631
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Andrea Némethné Nagy - Sales manager - horticulturist  
Andrea Némethné Nagy

I work in the Garden Centre in Szombathely as a sales manager horticulturist. My main responsibility is to coordinate the team, in addition, providing gardening advice, finally, retail-and wholesale. My job is variegated, diversified, I can take part in purchase, fulfil orders, checking demand and receiving new products. Contact me if you have any questions regarding plant care or plant protection.

  • Mobile: +36-70/422-6781
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Katalin Krukics - Designer  
Katalin Krukics

My three children make me enough busy at the moment, nevertheless, I try to assist my husband's job in my 'free time'. My main task is to source indoor and summer plants, but I also take part in creating of plant decorations, furthermore, producing the Garden Centre's design. Certainly, I give advice to customers regarding plant decoration and design, even in English.

  • Mobile: +36-70/539-7950
  • E-mail:
Gábor Molnár - Garden shop assistant  
Gábor Molnár

Gardening is not only my job but my hobby, too. I feel lucky as I work in the Garden Centre in Szombathely. Working here I constantly meet new plants and there will be always something, which is special and different. This profession is continuously changing, new matters always come up which have to be solved.

  • Mobile: +36-70/341-6907
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Klaudia Gorza - Garden shop assistant  
 Klaudia Gorza

I like fresh air, the green of nature, and the freedom, I cannot tolerate being constantly indoor, so it was beyond question being a gardener. It is great to work in a young team, in a pleasant environment and do what I really love. I am at your service in any garden related issue.

  • Mobile: +3670/368-3933
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Evelin Pintér - Garden shop assistant  
Evelin Pintér
Gabriella Kiss - Garden shop assistant, Cashier  
Gabriella Kiss
  • Mobile: +36-70/636-3603
  • E-mail:
Rita Szemenyei - Cashier  
Rita Szemenyei
  • Mobile: +36 70 / 6363-603
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Balázs Stojcsics - Garden shop assistant  
Balázs Stojcsics
  • Mobile: +36 70 / 6363-603
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Garden Centre Sopron

Barbara Chapó - Garden shop assistant  
Barbara Chapó
  • Mobile: +36-70/394-7789
  • Telefon: +3699/324-641
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József Görög - Garden shop assistant  
József Görög
  • Mobile: +3670/773-3727
  • Telefon: +3699/324-641
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Pócza Gergely - Garden shop assistant  
Pócza Gergely
  • Mobile: +3670/422-6774
  • Telefon: +36-99/324-641
  • E-mail:
Mező Ferenc - Garden shop assistant  
Mező Ferenc
  • Telefon: +36 99/324-641
  • E-mail:
Dedinszkyné Kőfaragó Barbara - Garden shop assistant  
Dedinszkyné Kőfaragó Barbara
  • Mobile: +36 70 384 1913
  • Telefon: +36 99/324-641
Richter-Jereb Ágnes - Garden shop assistant  
Richter-Jereb Ágnes
  • Telefon: +36 99/324-641
  • E-mail:
Balogh Tamás - Garden shop assistant  

Nursery Szombathely

Zoltán Milider - Nursery Leader  
Zoltán Milider
  • Mobile: +36-70/342-0018
  • E-mail:
József Olasz - Nursery staff  
József Olasz
Szabolcs Pajtli - Operator  
  • Mobile: +36-70/394-7759
Sándor Milkovics - Nursery staff